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Namaste! Hello! and a warm-hearted welcome to my Blog. 

This blog is managed by Juhi Singh. I am an Advocate by Profession and a Bibliophile by heart and passion. Books and Art have always been a part of my personality.

I have an immense passion for reading and writing. I write my heart out when I cannot express myself otherwise. I hope that you enjoy and connect with my words and that my words be successful in giving you some solace in this world drenched in apathy.


This blog is created for Reviewing Books primarily but much more will be shared #exclusive bibliophilereads content! 

And I hope that I shall be successful in providing you all and the literary community with Intriguing Honest Reviews and Content each and every time.

Please do support me and let us help each other by communicating, supporting, and growing strong as a Community of our own where an abundance of True knowledge and bliss lies. Thank you!

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