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"I want the Rain to Stay" authored by Swetha Pujari is a collection of poems.

"I want the rain to stay so you and I can live once again, Under the tendrill drops of a falling rain"

The title of the book has been summed up in this beautiful line by the author, which is a sum up of a gracious poem in the book. I am impressed as how Sweta Pujari being a debut author has spunned beautiful words making her debut book worth reading. The book contains prose and poesies divided in sections beautifully, as chapters namely-

I. Silent Doldrums

II. A Magpie's Warble

III. Halcyon Times

Even upon searching for the meaning of chapters, one will be surprised and is surely in for a treat as how even the name of the chapter tells a tale in itself.

Sweta states that the book is seperated into three intertwined themes rather than one: Silence (Despite the cacophony of thoughts), Love (and its consequences), Time (as it marches on).

I absolutely love as how these intricate details shared with us by the author shows how much she care for her reader's, displaying the beautiful world inside her mind. And, the best thing about the book is that this intricacy and intimacy is continued through out the book, giving us a sneak peek into the life journey of the author, which feels so personal that the reader can connect with the prose and poesies in the book as if the book is telling tales about the moments of serenity and solace that every person experience in their life.

"Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all in a silent conversation." -Tabrizi

The Prose in the book shares intimate tales with us and poems are the heart of the book. The author has also shared photos in the book which makes the book more interesting to read and adore. Also, the photos depict the tales that are hidden in the poem, which is genius and provides a personal touch to the poem and melody to the heart of the reader. All in all, I personally loved the book and the effort of the author is commendable to bring such beauty in hands of the reader in form of this book.

The poems in this book are so mature and soulful, that I have bookmarked many poesies as my favorite. Most of the poems bookmarked by me are from the first and third chapters, making those my favourite. I felt that the third section of the book is somewhat spiritual and/or soul searching.

Here, I am sharing some poems exclusively from the book, I hope it peaks your interest in this beautiful book, which I am of the opinion everyone should read atleast once.

Haze by Sweta-

In the faint whispers of the woods

a leaf bud silently uncurls

Even with the wind

minding its pace

A tiny spark lights up

blinding the dark shadows of the night

And with that

a forest burns........

"I want the rain to stay 
so you can sweep the clouds 
and trace my name 
I want the rain to stay 
so I can soak my heart 
and strum unwrapping a melody
I want the rain to stay 
so you and I can live once again, 
Under the tendrill drops of a falling rain"

My Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐🎉