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"Kohra Ghana hai - Nothing Personal"/"कोहरा घना है: नथिंग पर्सनल" is a book of Poetry by Writer/Author Naveen Chourey, published by Penguin Books / Penguin Random House, the book was released on 20th January 2020. Although the title of the book says "Nothing Personal" but the book talks in a very much personal manner to us." Kohra Ghana hai" is the debut book of the author and he has made a bold entry with his debut itself. I bought this book after coming across a book recommendation and I committed no mistake here. 'Kohra Ghana hai' is different & bold unlike the other usual poetry books available. And there lies its beauty and humor. These poetries are served raw on the platter of reality.

About the Book - Bold, sharp and relevant, Naveen Chourey's impassioned poetry - on mob lynching, Kashmir and the plight of India's soldiers, among other things- will force you to think afresh about Nationalism, Patriotism and the State of the Country. 

Naveen's youthful idealism, vision for an egalitarian world and progressive thoughts make Kohra Ghana Hai one of the most courageous works of our times.
-Penguin Books

The author has portrayed the realities of the world we live in and had been living in for a long time, through his poetries. However, I don't completely agree with all the poetries in the book. As we know that poems/poetries or any Artwork are open to various interpretations. Every poetry in the book is based on a reality-based theme. I am going to share my unadulterated interpretation/understanding of the poems irrespective of the theme it is based on (which will be in no sense a disrespect rather an honest review).

The book contains Ten (10) thought-provoking Poetries. At the start of each poem, the description of the poetry is provided i.e. 'Core Emotion' and 'Form' of the poetry, which I think is a fantastic effort, adding more clarity to the poetries and what the poetry actually wants to convey.

▶The First poetry, "Vastavik Qanoon", originally portrays Mob-lynching, but it portrayed a completely different interpretation for me "the naked truth of the politics in the name of democracy."

Shyahi uss nakhoon pe, jo desh ka samman thi
Boli, 'Ab kya chahiye? Vote thha de toh diya'
Jee raha thha qaid mein, maut de di shukriya!
Nakhoon pe jamhooriyat hai, jam gaya hai khoon bhi
Aap hi toh ho adalat, aap ho qanoon bhi... 

-From "Vastavik Qanoon"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Second poetry, "Main Sarhad pe khada hoon", brings out the Emotion of Patriotism and depicts the ordeals our Indian Soldiers have to go through and lays their emotions bare before us to empathize with.

Tumhe kya sach mein lagta hai koi apna paraya hai?
Hua paida hai jo iss desh mein baahar se aaya hai?
Sabhi ka khoon shamil hai lagi qurbaniyan sabki
Ke humne haddiyon ko jodh ke Bharat banaya hai....

-From "Main Sarhad pe khada hoon"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Third poetry, "Agar Tum sach bata dete", depicts the Taboo on Menstruation, and how, not only girls (women) but also boys (men), since a young age stays entangled and left unaware of the issues relating to menstruation that are considered taboo, which can ultimately take a toll on their mental understanding and can sometimes cause mental stress.

Mere ghar ke bade logon
Main tumse sach kahun ek-do?
Tumhari soch chhoti hai
Main itna tha nahi chhota
Agar tum sach bata dete 
Main behtar aadmi hota...

-From "Agar Tum sach bata dete"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Forth poetry, "Do Bachpan", is based on a light theme unlike the above three poetries, this poetry depicts the bond between siblings, childhood experiences & memories.

Uska bachpan ek thha lekin
Mere do-do bachpan thhe.....
Ek baat dooje bachpan ne pehle ko samjha di hai
Pehle chhota shahzada thha, ab choti shahzadi hai
-From "Do Bachpan"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Fifth poetry, "Pinjra", is a controversial poetry "Anti-CAB", so I'm leaving the interpretation as it is.

Koi kitne din chup reh sakta hai?
Kitne din aawaaz gale mein qaid rakhi jaa sakti hai?
Kitne din kuch na bolein toh chha jati hai khamoshi?
Kitne din ki khamoshi ko sannata keh sakte hain?
-From "Pinjra"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Sixth poetry, "Pratyek Budhdha", is a depiction of life, hope, experience, peace, and spirituality in some sense.

Yahi toh mushkil hai, Jawaab zindagi ke
Zameen pe nahi milte, woh toh khuda se milte hain
Aur khuda se milke zameen ki Imaarat kise yaad rehti ?
-From "Pratyek Budhdha"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Seventh poetry, "Kahaani", depicts the career tension, dying passion, and the image of ours, which we thought we will build, the dreams which we will fulfill, but in which, we failed. This poem places in front of us our unfulfilled dreams, making us remember our capabilities while urging us to follow them, rebuild & start over to achieve that which we wanted to be.

Mere apno ne jo mujh mein kahin tasveer dekhi thi
wahi tasveer banna hai, Mujhe khud hi banaani hai,
Mujhe taqdeer banna hai, Mujhe likhna kahani hai.
-From "Kahaani"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Eighth poetry, "Saath gaon bakri char gayi", the author has placed this poetry under the 'Core Emotion- Laughter' but I couldn't laugh rather I sympathize with the poor character in the poem.

Bahut dino se nahin kiya shikaar maara jaayega
Chahal-pahal se door Apne mahal se door
Talwaar ki dhaar pe koi toh sar aayega
Iss baar ek na ek sher avashya maara jaayega!
-From "Saath gaon bakri char gayi"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Ninth poetry, "Meera", depicts the life of 'Meera bai', and her love for Bhagwan (Lord) Shri Krishna, the life of 'Meera' and this poem both are spiritual and love bound.

Preet nahin yeh paagalpan hai!

Samjha nahin par jaan liya
Milta nahin toh maan liya
Dekha nahi pehchan liya
Soche bina hi thaan liya
-From "Meera"
-Naveen Chourey

▶The Tenth poetry, "Main, Woh aur Main", the author has placed this poetry under the 'Core Emotion- Wonder,' this poetry according to me depicts the feeling of 'Deja vu' in some sense.

Main use dekhne ke liye muda
Par 'woh' Mujhse pehle mud gaya
Aur ab 'main' kisi ko jaate hue dekh raha hoon
-From "Main, Woh aur Main"
-Naveen Chourey

The book is extremely delightful and thought-provoking. Also, the book is a two-in-one language book i.e. Hinglish and Hindi. So both the language group are benefited at the same time.

My Rating: 4.2 / 5

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