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"Letters From A Dead Girl" is a Mystery Thriller by Author Shivani Malhotra published by Redgrab Books. The novel is a fictional thriller based on the death mystery of a girl Simran, the protagonist of the Book. The book pretty much revolves around her and how her brother is adamant of unearthing the truth about how Simran died. Did she actually committed suicide or the truth is something else.

Simran a young college girl, with a bright future leading a normal happy life amidst the family tensions. Simran is beautiful and a good at heart person, she seems to have a bit of a bewildered relationship with her best friend Sara, her boyfriend Rajat and not so good relationship with her arrogant father. Simran always had a hard time to fit in with her friends and boyfriend and most of the time felt left out and not belonging with people in her life.

Simran is a wanderlust she loved to travel but she couldn't travel much because of the situations at her home. But when she got chance to visit New Zealand in lieu of her study and internship, she takes us along with her to New Zealand with her travel stories.

However, not so perfect yet a good going life of her turns up all mysterious when she commits suicide which no one ever had any clue of, that a smart girl like Simran would take such a horrific step. Her suicide affects almost every person who is and was close to her but it hit extremely bad and was horrific to her family especially to her brother Samar who couldn't reason as to what so horrible happened that her sister had to end her life.

After Simran commits suicide, every person close to her receives letter from her, this left her brother wondering and bewildered along with the excruciating pain he was already suffering because of her sister committing suicide, and after reading the letters received by him and his mother and father from his dead sister and their dead daughter, that to after her committing suicide, their pain became insufferable, so Samar had to find as to who is behind the letters and what actually happened. Her brother Samar starts searching for answers along with Simran's life story unfolding in the novel.

Book deals with an extremely vital issue of psychological health, depression, feeling of not belonging with the people you love, feeling lonely although surrounded by close knits and how all these things can lead a person to commit suicide when they are not heard, when people don't understand them and when they are unable to share their feelings and emotions.

The Title as well as the cover of the book justifies the story line. Language of the book is lucid. Although it took me a considerable hard time to finish this book. The book starts good but it becomes somehow not so amusing because of its medium and sometimes slow paced story line but if you keep reading you will keep up the pace and then story becomes gripping.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5


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