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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Ravana- A Mistaken King, An Unmistaken Leader by Gaurav Kataria is a National Record holder by the Indian Book of Records in 2020. The book by its cover makes us know what we can expect from it "The Mysterious Side of Lankeshwar". This book is a debut book of the Author but after reading it one would differ to say that it's a debut, rather it makes for such a great read that I am left wanting to read more books from the author.

The protagonist of the book is "Ravana" the well known Mythological Character or else as we know him 'the villain' of the epic and our very own ancient history "Ramayana". Ravana is himself narrating his story in the book, yes you have heard it right we are going to experience his side of the story in the book narrated by the Ravana himself. The novel is a blend of ancient facts and fiction.

The protagonist of the book takes us on a journey and confronts that, the reason for his unfortunate fate was not just abduction of Goddess Sita but the seeds of his fate were sown way before Lord Rama and Goddess Sita came into picture. The novel starts with the Dimensions of the beginning of his unfortunate fate and then is continued with the chapters. The author has also provided a brief introduction of the characters in the book, at starting itself and with glossary at the end of book.

Ravana has always been seen as the bad guy, as an Asura (demon and evil) but very few knows that 'Ravana'Ravana was an erudite pandit (priest), an astrologer, creator of a musical instrument itself and composer of "Shiva Tandava Strotam", An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, a Warrior, and above all a self-made King and a Leader which was his pride and his ego at the same time. He was known by various names such as Dashanan, Dashmukha, Dasagriva, Lankeshwara, etc but he chose to be called as 'Ravana' a name given by his Lord Rudra 'Shiva', each name described his virtues &/or character.

The book showcases a different perspective on Ravana apart from his infamous personality. The author has compiled the book with a lot of interesting facts, myths, ancient history with a pinch of fiction which makes the book an interesting read. Moreover, the author has put well researched content in the book, so you are not going to read anything rubbish here rather this book will open a door to various unaware facts and stories (mythological stories) in the form of small events put together in the book.

The author has dedicated a seperate section after almost each chapter known as 'hidden somewhere phrases...' which is actually Corporate, Leadership & Management advice or fundamentals as the author himself is a successful businessman, these 'hidden somewhere phrases....' are practical in there approach and will prove to be helpful if implemented.

The Chapters in the book open up realms to stories & wanderings that are soul soothing. Like the First chapter is a short story about an encounter between Ravana with the King Kartavirya Arjuna who ruled Mahismati Kingdom. Second Chapter takes us to the story of King Vali and King Sugriva of the Kishkindha Kingdom and so on you will encounter numerous stories and events which will pique your interest and will leave you wandering, wanting more as well as satisfied, all at the same time.

The author in the book also provides with various war tactics and strategies one of which we popularly know as 'Sam, Daam, Dand, Bheda' and many more like this which makes for an interesting as well as informative read.

No matter how much I say I cannot sum up the beauty of the book. The book has proved its greatness by becoming a National Record holder itself what more can I say! The book will make you fall in love with the greatest villain of all time "Ravana" and if not love it will surely fill you with empathy towards him. 

My Rating: 4.5 / 5 💝


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