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Updated: May 6

Intrigued by the title,"Simplify Your Life" was picked as a random evening read by me. Author of the book Vaibhav Datar is a mid life coach, sharing his thoughts and experience with us through this book. The book begins by letting us known as how we humans complicate our lives since the dawn of time but, in reality the life was not meant to be so hard if we humans had stick to simple values and thought process in life.

The Author takes us on the journey to simplify our life by telling us to make small doable changes in our daily life by journalling the same and by his 'smart assignments' as he quotes them, at end of every chapter.

The book is in group of small sections' as chapters, in those sections the author has shared anecdotes, his experiences and experiments. What I enjoyed in the book was that, the author has shared good parts from the various books gone through by him. There were some suggestions and lines from those books which are interesting and refreshing, at the same time giving us book recommendations as what to read next😉

"Happiness isn't a consequence of living a successful life; success is a consequence of living a happy life". -by Shaa Wasmund from book Do Less, Get More:How to work smart and live life your way

The book provides us with ideas, researches and/or experiments which helps us to value our life and focus on few important things rather than a plethora of hay wires in order to simplify life and live joyfully. I am sharing one such resourceful research of Dr. Dan Siegel as shared in the book called the "Healthy Mind Platter".

Dr. Dan Siegel created the "Healthy Mind Platter" to illustrate that there are a number of areas we need to encourage if we are to look after our mind and our well-being. These areas are: • Sleep • Physical Activity • Focus • Time for relationship • Relaxation • Play • Connection If we nurture each of these areas a little every day, our life will be simpler and we will be able to achieve far more.

To conclude I would say, this book is not a genius but, a refreshing genuine read from author's side. Moreover, while reading, I felt that the book talked much about gratitude in our life, for not just simplifying the process of living but also to remind us that when we have gratitude towards what we have and when we value it, then we are presented with more in life.

The language of the book is lucid and good for beginners, it's easily available for purchase on amazon and flipkart.

My Rating: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐


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