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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Namaste🙏 and Hello! I hope you're doing great! Today I am going to share my review on a recent launch by the Author Shubha Vilas, 'The Magic of Friendships', taglined 'Understand it, Cherish it, Keep it'. The book was launched on 30th July, 2020 on International Friendships Day and published by Penguin Ananda. The book is based on Friendship mainly, as the name of the book itself suggests, however after reading the book I can assuringly say that the book is not just about friendship but it thrives to be applicable for other Relationships too. The book consists of approximately 200 pages and Seven Chapters. The language of the book is lucid and simple. The book for now is only available in English language. The book can be read by any age group of people, in fact I will recommend the early you start the better.

I am going to give chapter wise review for you, in order to understand the book better, which might also help you decide whether to buy the book.

In the First Chapter, the author talks about the Dos & Don'ts of Friendship, Levels of Friendship which makes for an interesting and heart felt read, then about like minded friends. The book is filled with a lot of short stories in every chapter and probably to explain each and every thing the author wants to convey, this book can be a good read for people who likes to read short stories. There are also some stories on real life events of the author himself. These stories in each & every chapter are not merely stories but they succeed to portray a lot of originality and I think when read, we can relate to many of the stories to our real life incidents and experiences. The author has a signature style of conveying the messages in his books through the stories of our Indian epics #Ramayana #Mahabharata and other vedic scriptures, which is surely to be loved by everyone.

The author has provided with short summary of the chapter after the end of each chapter (he has also provided this summary style in his book 'Open-Eyed Meditations', which proved to be really helpful for me). Also at the end of each chapter the author has provided an Activity section/page, which is refreshing, truth acknowledging and insightful.

Coming to the Second Chapter, here the author compels us to ask ourselves the question about how much of a good friend we are? and if not then how we can be one! by bringing about some real changes in us, interesting right?

So this book is not just about friendship but it also consists of the author's style of teaching personality development, just like in his previous books. His teachings which are filled throughout the book can help us to improve a lot of relationships we hold in our life, if we are willing to implement these teachings for real and because of this the book has been kept under the genre of self-help. The book teaches not just about friendship but it is more than that, when you see friendship with a broader perspective than you will realize that every relationship has to be based on friendship first because friendship has a lot of virtues contained in itself, such as Trust, Honesty, Understanding, the Purity of Forgiveness and Acceptance despite of innumerable faults & imperfections and hence, the author has correctly stated 'Cherish it!'

Further the author keep on describing in coming chapters about different types of friendships and/or friends, clearing our conscience as to what kind of friendships we should have and which one's to be avoided.

Chapter Three teaches us how to put other people in relationships first in order to maintain focused, meaningful and self less relations so that we be successful to build quality relations with people around us with minimal hindrance in the same.

Chapter Four starts with a short yet meaningful story which continues to give meaningful insights further. Insights such as on growing competition, give and take kinda thought or trade in friendship, which eventually means that this kind of relation do not hold good and cannot be called as friendship, because True Friendship is mostly pure and is based on gratitude and compassion and not on give and take.

Also the author has included sanskrit verses with there translations in each chapter to bring further clarity and wisdom on the topic.

At the start of Chapter Five, the author himself states that the chapter is dedicated to teenagers particularly, but other age groups can also very much relate and benefit from the chapter.

I would like to quote something from the chapter which might contain the gist of this chapter "The most basic human needs are food, clothing, shelter, etc., but our need for safety and security, love and emotional support, dignity and self esteem is equally important." Further the author beautifully elaborates about Self-Esteem, which I found to be one of the best topic he could have included and discussed about. The author has also talked about bullying and peer pressure in this chapter.

Chapter Six starts with a Sanskrit verse giving light on the gist of the chapter. The chapter explains about what type/s of friend/s one shall have, which has been made understood by another insightful story which places in front of us an even more intriguing and thoughtful answer. Read the book to find out yourself, no spoilers here! 😉

Chapter Seven: In this last chapter which is perfectly fitting the say of 'last but not the least', the author talks about how this book is not just about friendship but strives to give insight on other relationships too, as I concluded above only. The last chapter is one of my favourite chapter along with the first two chapters, because it talks about important relations we hold which can be simplified and can be made better if we think through a different perspective which author is trying to show us. Although the last chapter is penned really well by the author but the ending of the chapter was not upto the level which the author had the capability to do so.

My Rating- 4.2/5

The quality of pages of the book is good. I bought the book from Flipkart , book arrived in okay condition but the book was not author signed even though I purchased it soon after the launch. The price of the book is INR 200/- but I got it for INR 121/-.

Conclusion: Although the book might not be a masterpiece as compared to the previous books of the author but surely it contains many great insights and words of wisdom for upgrading ourselves and the relationships which we want to hold on too, throughout our life.

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