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Updated: Feb 5

"The Path of Prosperity" is one of the classics penned down by James Allen, also known for his work "As A Man Thinketh". The Path Of Prosperity is a book that will guide your behaviour towards success.

Many of us stays bewildered as to how we should act? how we should behave? in order to become the best version of ourself and how to achieve our goals. What is the right mindset and behavioural attributes that a person should possess, not only to achieve something and become great but, also to stay in peace and well-being and prosper with a steady growth. Well, this 72 pages short book is the answer to all these questions. Yes, that's right one can embark towards the path of prosperity by reading this book.

The book teaches you basic lessons such as, how to have victory over oneself, how to conquer and command our own selves before having a command over our life and circumstances and surrounding as well. As rightly said by James Allen,"By your own thoughts you make or mar your life, your world, your universe. As you build within by the power of thought, so will your outward life and circumstances shape themselves accordingly."

"He only is fitted to command and control who has succeeded in commanding and controlling hismelf."

The Path Of Prosperity is a powerful book and a contrast to present day obscure values. The teachings in the book are pious and only a person valiant enough to leave behind and transcend all impious thoughts and behaviour can truly understand and grasp the core of this book.

I would recommend to read the book "As A Man Thinketh" first and then go on with this book. Both the books will build your thought process and your character, that are the basis for a life of prosperity. The book also provides solace & courage to you and your mind in order to outlive the adversities of life and how to stand firm even when you have less resources at you disposal by just having gratitude for what you have and by using the resouces wisely.

There are seven chapters in the book, each dealing with diferent aspects of our life and how to surpass every obstacle in the way to live a life of prosperity, peace and abundance of both health and wealth.

"I may not claim, but, losing, may retrieve.
The law bends not for me, but I must bend 
Unto the Law, if I would reach the end."

A 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Read!

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