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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

"While the world is battling the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus, Akhil returns to his home after a gap of two years to find his own set of problems. He is trapped in his house with his pestering sister, hushed father, complaining mother, and his mother’s new and annoying boyfriend. Akhil, a forever-been-single guy, also finds love right across the street – Mrunali, an ambitious girl who fears her father. His quest to woo Mrunali and get his mom and dad back together is a topsy-turvy road that leads to the destination – screwed."

This is what the back cover of the book summarises for you about the book "The Sunrises of my Lockdown" by author Shubhank Shukla, published by Notion Press. After reading the given description of the book one would think that it might make for a fun read, but as you will pick up the book and start reading, after a few pages you will not be able to stop until you finish the book. Yes, the book provides you with that much of an interesting plot and many things which I am going to share about the book.

The book is based on the family drama which later unfolds dynamics of strong emotions and realistic situation which every one of us must have felt at different levels and in different relationships we hold in our family. The book is based on budding Love and how one loses all their logical sense and takes extreme risks, which is obviously worthwhile ;) if you know that the person is worth taking the efforts. The book is based most importantly on the Covid-Era 2020 which is relatable so much because we have experienced it all and the author tries to show us the real victims of the Covid-19 phase.

The author has said so much through his book, so many stories at the same time alongside the events happening in the life of the protagonist, which makes the read so captivating and engrossing and will stir up so many emotions and realisations that you will fall in love with the story.

The book through its 233 pages leaves no stone unturned in the life story of the protagonist Akhil. The storytelling skill of the author is splendid as the story flows in an extremely smooth manner and keeps the reader captivated throughout until you finish it.

The reader will experience a plethora of emotions and joy and excitement as they will proceed further and further with the story. While reading the book will come across the humor of the author which he has displayed through his punch lines throughout the book, sometimes fun, full of great humor, and sometimes thought provoking.

The protagonist Akhil is a trekker too and so his experiences shared will leave you spell bound and wanting to experience the thrill by yourself.

The love story of Akhil and Mrunali makes you smile and restores the magic of love.

The part when the family drama unfolds will leave you with strong emotions making you realise the worth of family and relationships and how much our family and people around us do for us without even us realising about the same while all along we be selfish and indulged in our own preconceived thoughts and notions without looking at the big picture and without empathizing with the people around us.

The Covid-19 part in the book is the most contemplating one. The description about the daily wage workers (labourers), what they have suffered and the hardships they go through in each and every situation. The reality which is much different and eye opening once realised which we don't understand and know because of the veil casted on our mind and perceptions, because we believe and see and take into consideration as to only what is shown on television by so called news channels and more over on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc, which either shows the rosy picture and everything in order or the opposite i.e., puts us into depression. Due to excessive dependence on social media we mostly experience these two extreme phases of life but have forgotten and have failed to look at the real life which we are living and which the other people are going through. Before the television and social media we used to live a real life and was aware of the reality of life and hardships of people, the true meaning of relationships, as we used to look around us not sinking our head in our mobile phones and just living in our own drama and perceptions. How much of a real life we are leading now? After reading this book anyone will be forced to contemplate and will realise how we should actually see life as it is and the other people around us and understand we are all one & not in competition with each other to prove that we are living a superior life than our fellow human.

I think I have said quite enough as the book made me contemplate and as I conclude I will just say that "The Sunrises of my Lockdown" is an amazing book and takes us on an amazing roller coaster of emotions. This book will make you fall with Stories and Books again. The book filled my heart with joy and left me wanting more to experience. I loved the book to its absolute core & would recommend everyone to give it a try. The book is available on Amazon.

My Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨


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