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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Book, customized bookmark and laptop sticker
Book: When Love Came Calling (WLCC)

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Book Review of one of the recent launch 'When Love Came Calling' by Author Preeti Shenoy. Published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors.

Author Preeti Shenoy is a well known and one of the best selling Authors in India. The book was released on 17th August, 2020 but it was available for pre-order before 17th August. The book is available on Flipkart and Amazon. I pre-ordered the book, on pre-order there was an offer on flipkart only, the pre-ordered book came along with a customized bookmark and a green colour heart shaped laptop sticker with a quote/phrase on it as you can see in the picture. Also the pre-ordered book is a printed Author Signed Copy. I loved the efforts done here by the Author, providing book with a customized bookmark, Laptop sticker and a printed signed copy on pre-orders, even during this phase of lockdown. The Author is very active on her social media handles specially on Instagram. She very well promoted the book throughout the launch and release, giving insights on the book, making it interesting and decisive for the readers to buy the book. She also made a PDF available for the readers giving a short tour of the book which I will attach in this Review.

‣ Starting with the Book Review:

'When Love Came Calling' a novel, is a story of two Teenagers Puja and Arush, who are the main characters in the book and the whole story revolves around them. Even though the novel is based on Teenage Romance but after reading the Book I can say that the story will be enjoyed by any age group of people.

Although the story is about teenage romance but it is much more than that. The story brings into light the modern day issues which the teenagers face with their parents & vice-versa, and gives message on how the relationship can be improved between the parent and the child before things can go extremely haywire. The real 'gem of a message' of the story lies in the last few chapters or sections of the book, in total there are 64 chapters/sections in the book. I was watery eyes when I started reading the last chapters of the book but also so much of a heart filled with love and gratitude. The story for me is extremely relatable and I wish that I could have read this book few years back but this wasn't possible because the book has launched just recently, my bad! Well, I really recommend all to read this book especially to all the teenagers/ youngsters or people facing family issues, even the parents to read this book. And I am sure you will be reflected upon many a things at the end of the story.

Author signed copy

Now, allow me to give summary of the story:

Puja, aged 19 years, living in India with her family, a luxurious yet baffling life, Puja as a character is an energetic but impulsive, mind speaking, honest & good at heart person yet a chaotic & puzzled child for her family. Her parents were never able to understand her, she was a puzzle for her family as she didn't completely open up to her family. Her Father Mr. Krishnan a successful and influential business tycoon, her Mother Chitra a Doctor and a strict personality with higher dreams for Puja in her eyes & always comparing Puja with her elder sister Divya who is an overachiever and miss perfect, as per Puja. Puja is close to Shanti Chechi at her home, the house helper and the one who practically raised her since childhood because of her mother's tight work schedules and other reasons. Puja do not have any serious plans for her future and she is pursuing a career which has been decided by her mother, which Puja absolutely loathed.

Puja's philosophy? Life is just too complicated; only a small group of super achievers have it figured out. Her strict mother sends her to a rural location in Kerala where Puja has to spend her summer vacation doing volunteer work. Where the actual story starts.

Now, coming to the other main character Arush, aged 20 years, born and raised in Britain (UK), living in a hostel in Norwich and studying in an Art College which he got into on his own merits by winning a full Scholarship for his Arts college, however Arush's father wasn't impressed by this because he wanted him to pursue other career options but Arush has chosen what he wanted by carefully planning for the same, so that he can go without any help for his tuition fees from his family. Arush was living in Derby before his admission in Art college, with his Mother, Father and his six year old little sister Rhea, with not much family complications as compared to Puja. Arush has never been to India even after being an Indian origin. Arush is a stark opposite of Puja and a studious, careful, shy, calculative, non-impulsive personality. He is elated when he gets an opportunity to spend twelve weeks in India, a place where he has never been to, so here he gets an opportunity to explore his Roots.

When Puja and Arush meet, during their visit in Ashwaty Bhawan, an NGO, in South India where Arush is visiting in lieu of his 12 weeks International programme to which Arush has applied in his Art College and got selected again on his own merit in a selection interview. Whereas Puja was forced by her mother to visit and spend her summer vacation doing some volunteer work in order to get some experience for her CV, as Puja had no other plans for her summer vacation or any plans as usual. So when Puja and Arush met, their stark differences were obvious to each other. But with choppy internet and no other distractions, they started getting to know each other and slowly fall in love. But falling in love and staying in love are not the same thing. When disaster strikes in their life, they get caught in a dangerous situation which spiraled out of control. Puja is forced to confront the harsh realities of life while Arush realises that India is not always the picture-perfect postcard he presumed it was. Desperately fighting to expose the truth and save themselves, what happens to their love, the question arising is their love strong enough to survive forces that threaten to destroy it? Is it deep enough to drown their own doubts, this makes for an interesting and captivating read, a gripping novel from author Preeti Shenoy, about young love and discovery.

Sometimes you have to travel far to find your true self.

My Rating- 4/5

• Language of the book is simple and lucid but at the same time readers might learn few

new terms depending on the level of readers. The book is available in English language. • Book is really affordable and available just at INR 120/- at #flipkart and #amazon even though the book is priced at INR 199/-

• Book pages - 278. The quality of the pages are good.

• Cover design of the book is minimalist yet attractive and binding is also good. • The book contains illustrations worked on by the author's daughter Purvi Shenoy. The cover design is also by Purvi Shenoy. These illustrations makes the book more interesting & fun to read. • This book is a refreshing read and not a waste of time and money. Book is placed under the Genre- Fiction.

• The Book contains few meaningful quotes/phrases which makes the reading a little more delightful.

• The author starts the book with a short note and end with Acknowledgements.

• Book can be read in less than one day.

• In short the book is a complete deal in itself. • I personally loved the novel and would be glad if the author releases a sequel of the book continuing the story of this book itself #PreetiShenoy.

Surprise! Short Book Tour PDF as promised above :) Download & Enjoy !

Download PDF • 1.77MB

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